Carnival Milita

by Stand Out Riot



released January 1, 2008

Ben Streets: Drums
Hannah Hunt: Alto Sax/Vocals
Tessa Hunt: Violin/Vocals
Charlotte Corry: Alto Sax
Ste Anthony: Guitar/Vocals
Rob Hodgson: Trombone
Will Garland: Bass/Vocals/Keys
Francis Hunt: Vocals/Trombone/Tenor Sax

Recorded and produced by TimG @ BigTone Studios



all rights reserved


Stand Out Riot Manchester, UK

Ska. Punk. Gypsy. Metal.

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Track Name: Depth Charge
Depth Charge

Have we really dropped that low, that we spend our Friday evenings,
Watching Z-listers making fools of themselves?
And about this kinda time, a racial slur or tart opinion,
Will make a mega-star and gain a fond farewell.

When did we become a nation of idiots,
Thinking yoghurt has magical properties?
I think it’s about time we found some self-respect.

Depth charge, the moron revolution.
Before I explode, the media confusion.
This attitude has got to go.

Have we really dropped that low,
That we spend out lunch break reading,
About who’s dieting, and who’s gotten fat.
And 60 useless things, for 60 hard-earned pence,
And this is what you’ve got to say in your defence:
“And now I’ve got my face, on the cover of some fancy magazine,
The tears and tales of death-threats are all part of the routine”.

Nutrisse doesn’t mean nourish, and grease ain’t the word I’m looking for,
A consonant Carol, this one’s a D for Depth Charge

We’ve reached a stage where fashion dictates,
And overweight make profit from their mistakes.
My conscience is a ticking time bomb.
We need a world where passion negates;
A statement of our tolerance, where greed depreciates.
Track Name: Playing With Hammers
Communication or asphyxiation?
Collaboration of dilapidation?
Cooperation of consolidation?
Cultivation of exaggeration?

Because today, I ain’t gonna be thinking, thinking about the right thing to do,
As today, I’m gonna be thinking, thinking about myself,
And it means this way, I do exactly what I want to do,
Selfish as it might sound, I know the last person I’ll think of is you

I’m playing with hammers, playing with hammers,
Playing with hammers again, as we are no stranger,
To impending danger, we’ll forget our manners my friend.

There’s no time to regret, a phase we won’t forget,
This breeched etiquette that could tear us apart,
As the sun starts to set, on this scornful duet,
I’ve done something I shouldn’t have done.
Track Name: The Monstrous Cabaret
I’ve been writing these words for 7 days now,
And now I’ve only realised, exactly what they mean,
I think I’m special,
But I’m downright disgusting,
Loving and trusting,
Complementary thrusting.

And while trying to concoct a meaning song,
I realise, this one’s too short and this one’s all wrong,
But a glance in the mirror I see,
I am the monster, and this show is just for me.

And now I know I think like them,
And now I know I can’t fight nature itself,
Or is that just another excuse?
And now I know I think like them,
But society is the problem,
Or is it myself I need to change?

I’ll think till I’m comatose, pondering whether,
These thoughts that I have, are making me sick.
A look out the window confirms my suspicion,
That we are all waiting…
For when the girls line up and the lights go on,
Here begins the voyeur’s marathon,
I realised today, we are the cabaret

This roadblock in my mind,
Has finally shifted, to reveal
A great wide, gaping, hole.
And if it ever happened,
The day the sun burned out,
I know who I’d wanna spend the darkness with
Track Name: Ambush Paddington
Don’t throw stones,
If you live in a glass house,
And don’t give them out,
To protect yourself
But wait, you say, family
And friends in danger,
And for that small price,
I could increase my wealth

Don’t make a sound baby,
Don’t make a sound
We’ll be safe underground
And this song we play on,
You know, when you died for a buck,
And you know that it’s just your luck,
When the cure costs more than you’re worth,
Well, what are we worth?

We are the ones who provide the means,
To ensure our pockets burst at the seams,
Hand them fire-power, on a plate
And I’m not hungry!
Have the last 5 years just been a dream?
Masterminded diabolical scheme,
Or this this just a glimpse, of something real?

Who needs food,
When we’ve got protection?
Who needs warmth,
When we’ve got 9 double M,
And look, my friends,
We’ve finally reached the stage
Where we’d rather shoot our neighbour,
That our own stuffed bear.
Track Name: The British Nazi Parade
Tunnel vision keeps you from seeing the truth,
But for these actions there is no excuse.

It makes me sick, how you hiss and spit,
One third petulant child, two thirds hypocrite.
Social parasites with a sob story,
About how immigrants they came and they stole his country,
And his job and his house and his identity…
Cards are set to sort this problem out I see,
And if like them, and you see life in monochrome,
Well welcome to the terrordome.

If you, decide, to side with the third Reich,
Then you, realise, we’ve got ourselves an insight,
And if you, reside, within 15 minutes of this waterside,
Then don’t be surprised, when you see the flames.

British Nazi parade,
They’ll stamp out every inch of your culture
British National disgrace
I’m ashamed to share with them,
My skin and my flag, and the land that I live on,
Pushing ideals that should be forgotten,
They’re trying to cleanse the country,
But they can’t clean me

Suck if up kid, your Daddy’s a racist,
Supporting a group who’re providing the basis,
For zealot, race-hating, white-power, bigots,
To walk all over our country openly spreading
Their hate, they’re robbing our country
No I can’t see it happen,
My house is exactly where I left it this morn,
It’s time to unite against suit wearing fascists,
As this manifesto is beginning to bore
Track Name: Spacesuit
We’re wasting time,
We weren’t put here
To simply stay alive
But all I know if that we do
Day by day
We’re wasting time,
With things that should
Just simply pass us by,
But looks like this one got through.

Another apology for another fight,
An argument on senseless grounds,
My temperatures high and I’m all fired up
And I don’t know if this was really worth it.
I’m late for work again, 8 hours in the pen,
Anxiety and aggravation are all products of

All the sights, all the sounds,
All the sighs, all the frowns,
All the people in a line, all screaming
I can’t wait here any longer.
But this thread can be unwound,
On this urban battle ground
If we all realise and question
Does this hatred make us stronger?

Because I’m at customer service
And I’m feeling more deadly
Than a pin in a hand grenade
And the way I give opinions
To the girl behind the counter,
Better hope that she’s well paid,
Never once do I stop, do I wonder
If this really does
Make me feel better.
Is this a good use of my days?

I’ve missed the train,
Hit the rush,
I’ve lost my keys,
Forgot to brush,
My teeth, my hair my happiness aside,
Out of my eyes.
This light will never turn green,
Still staring at this blue screen,
My system has been shut down,
To prevent damage to my health
Track Name: The Oxbridge Mafia
I saw them fall, like we ever even had a chance,
I put it off, to follow our dreams,
No amount of education, can force you to think my way,
No amount of information, can keep your views at bay

The more you pursuit the truth, the more it slips away?
Or is it a select group that has been led astray?
You can’t argue a conscience, nor can you redefine,
The boundaries of wrong and right, and where you draw the line.
Are we born judgemental? Born prejudiced?
It’s a fact of life that we sow our own ideals,
But are we doing this right?

It’s the Oxbridge mafia, revival of the middle class,
Oxbridge Mafia.

“I’ve seen it all, every culture, every colour
Bickering against each other”,
“And the racial strife the media tries to smother.”
Sing your heart out, as a form of non-violent protest?
You need soul my friend; it’ll take more than soul
To clean up this mess.

If you blame it on your upbringing,
You know that it is wrong
And that doesn’t stop your neo-Nazi practise
Running strong
Racism through speech, racism through song,
It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going on
Why do we feel so hostile?
Why do we need to fight?
We’ve got to believe what we hear
What we see, we’ve got to put an end
To this bigoted society.

Although this town is full of horrors,
We will fight for our right to stay,
Remember this sound,
Memorise our movements,
Little girl, we’ll make it out alive.

When will you learn education
Won’t render you sane? MAFIA!
Track Name: Counting Sheep
Woke up with a feeling I wish was a fever,
A guttural stab, as a memory of last night,
Comes creeping back in to curdle my milk,
And stale my cornflakes.

While this empty cupboard, it mirrors my appetite,
This broken saucer embodies my spirit,
And if this rotten mood won’t just shift for a second
The day is a write-off, just like all the others, and

I don’t like the sound of this,
I don’t wanna read what comes next,
I don’t wanna answer that,
I don’t like the sound of this
Argument for argument’s sake,
But we know we both agree on,
What’s right and what’s wrong,
And what’s been and what’s gone
And she said

And she said, if we bide out time, we will regret the
Decision in time, will fall down the line

And we said, we believed
We’d finally killed your empathy towards
Someone who’s done you wrong,
And we know reputation is more than important to you,
But to put it before your heart is absurd.

I’m still undecided on where we should take this,
Whether missing someone, is a pro or a con,
Can’t wiggle my big toe right out of this mess,
Because this time Beatrix, you’re all kinds of wrong.
While Grissom and Katherine solve ten-score of mystery,
I’m still sat here, perplexed by just one,
And I’m trying to work out,
Why my insides want out,
And the outside wants in on my situation

All the subtleties submerge when you’re gone
And touch, sight and sound just become one.
And now it’s easy to see, how we lost our way,
But we’re holding on.