Foiled For Freshness EP

by Stand Out Riot



released January 1, 2006

Ben Streets: Drums
Hannah Hunt: Alto Sax/Vocals
Tessa Hunt: Violin/Vocals
Sarah Lyon: Alto Sax
Ste Anthony: Guitar/Vocals
Will Garland: Bass/Vocals/Keys
Francis Hunt: Vocals/Trombone/Tenor Sax



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Stand Out Riot Manchester, UK

Ska. Punk. Gypsy. Metal.

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Track Name: Dressed and Ready
Wear all black,
Shoes to my knees,
I'm believable,
Razor-blade routine,
My arms are pouring with,
Red, and black,
And sometimes purple,
The colours I wear,
Reflect personality,
Ooh, ooh,

Oh, what we'll do to fit in,
(Living life at 60 watts)
My mother thinks,
(You're a monster)
I think it's time to clean up our act,
Only give out what we can take back,
But we're all so.

Wear long black,
Coat to my feet,
Dead Rockstar Idol,
This is original,
My Myspace is blacker than ever,
These words that I type,
Describe my suffering,
Ooh, ooh,

You're always dressed and ready for Halloween,
You're always dressed and ready for Halloween.
Track Name: Foiled For Freshness
In the summer of '26,
Some sweet smelling gangsters,
Were up to thier old tricks.
Breaking the law, and demanding a pay,
You'll get what you want, if you do what we say!

The details of the plot were highly complex,
The sheriff, The deputy completely perplexed,
The Staff at the bank feared for their lives,
Hand over the money, or no-one survives, - (Mega phone)

Foiled For Freshness
You'll be spending time alone since your arrest-ness,
Foiled For Freshness,
All that time alone can lead to depressed-ness,
Foiled For Freshness,
To make matters worse they spoiled the breakfast,
Foiled For Freshness,
They'd rather go straight to hell,
Than be foiled for freshness.

In the winter of the 20 '12,
The prison wardens were givin' 'em hell,
Solitary confinement,
Locked up in their cell,
But still they retained that distinctive smell,

Then a few years down the line,
Some convicts were brought in for a different crime,
Something about their demeanour offended all the officers,
for they were a bunch of putrid smelling mobsters!
Track Name: Get A Real Job
I'm a revolution,
Yes I'm a revelation,
An integral part of this promo-tive operation,
I'm an easy going guy,
Without complication,
But if there's one thing I demand,
It's “dedication”,
I give the kids the promotion that they need,
Helpful advice, and a foot up to the scene,
I'm surprised they can do a thing without me,
Especially with my links to the music industry,

It's been 3 times tonight,
That I've heard the same old Story,
That whiney bastard's back again,
Sell more tickets, (Where's the money?)
My reputation's at stake,
Or I'll see you in court

Don't you realise what you're doing?
Why does it have to be this way?
Why do you act like this? Why do you act like this?
Your passion for profit, the cash in my pocket
All I want is my slice

They've got it all wrong,
These kids you see,
This plan this is my recipe,
And I know that this is their dream,
But I'll take it all away if they don't agree,
Really really hate it,
Things dont go my way,
When I get heated,
Don't know what to say,
Constant repetition,
Always saves the day,
And those wretched kids,
Are gonna pay

Where's my slice?
Track Name: Seamless
A child dying in the wasteland,
But don't react, they're not our colour or creed,
In support I'd offer my hand,
But I too've been corrupted by greed,
It's the thing I want most, and what I want least,
I want equality, but I want it to work for me,
A clash of opinions? Who can this be?
Grab you arms boys; we've a new enemy.

Woah-oh, There'll be fighting on the streets,
But we won't strike back, Just to keep our dignity,

Fire, Fire in the Eastern lands,
But they can put it out themselves,
Why won't they learn?
Why won't they understand?
Ours is the right way to turn,
They've gotta think like us,
They've gotta act like us,
We trust Western ideals,
But it's the only thing we trust,
We don't want to branch out,
But we're hardly exclusive,
And we'll always fight back,

Trapped in a world without a seam,
No easy escape route,
Trapped in a mind without a dream,
And they've made me the scapegoat,
Oh, I tried running out,
But find myself further into,
This mess,
I distress,
To progress,
I undress of success,
And repress my unrest,
Track Name: Sellution
It’s a constant struggle,
Trying to keep this positive,
I know!
It’s hard to grasp,
But when we make it,
You will see!
Gold lines the streets,
Gold lines everything,
These days!
New shoes on my feet,
This is wealth; this is wealth.

So we’re looking for an easy solution,
But the problem lies deep inside of us,
And they’ll blame it on the mass objection,
But no one ever even made a fuss,
I think we’ve come to realise that we’re happy with ourselves,
So we’ll join hands,
With such little time,
And so much to spend.

Another lonely night,
Apparently we’re not sensitive,
I Know!
It’s time to realise I’ve lost the one,
Thing I need,
Shadows darken the streets,
Darkness shadows everything,
These days,
My whole world is down beat,
This is wealth; this is wealth.