The Gentleman Bandits

by Stand Out Riot



Album #2


released January 3, 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered by TiMG at Big Tone Studios.
Released by TNSrecords.



all rights reserved


Stand Out Riot Manchester, UK

Ska. Punk. Gypsy. Metal.

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Track Name: Get Mutual!
And take a walk with me through our world of selfish deeds,
Let me show you where I won’t give a damn about my neighbour,
Would I do you a favour? NOT ON YOUR LIFE
This place is rife with suspicion, it seems we’re on a mission,
To alienate ourselves,
No community, no unity gives us the opportunity to mistreat anyone.

What about love and trust and care?
HELL NO! That’s not the way we do things round here.
Want it all for myself, I don’t wanna share
Apathy should be a forgotten feeling
HELL NO! Can’t be bothered with that
And I’ll treat the world as my play thing,
And I don’t think I’m ever gonna change.

The way we live, the way we act, shows no consideration,
For the creatures, people and places that we know occupy our nation,
Continent, planet or solar system,
But the best we can do is abuse them,
It’s time for a change

It’s all about respect, a notion we reject,
It’s all about the respect,
Create a world we’d want to live in,
And push the greed to the kerb.

Whether it’s pushing the green in the punk rock scene,
Or making a purchase of a charity magazine,
We’ve all got to do our bit,
to stop our world DESCENDING INTO
Shame if we lost all we have, all we’ve built, all we’ve dreamed of,
As we know a few small deeds would be just what we need,

It’s all about respect, A notion we reject, It’s all about the respect,
Create a world we’d want to live in, And push the greed to the kerb.
Create a world we’d want to live in, be vigilant fight back,
Get mutual, or get out!
Track Name: Live for Nothing
And there’s no getting out,
The powers that be won’t let go of me,
Until my face smacks down on cold hard earth.
Why this world’s forsaken me,
To wallow inexplicitly,
In a pool of misery I created for myself.

Wake up this morning,
In my filthy hell hole in the wrong part of town,
and I CAN’T SEE , why IT’S JUST ME,
Who fails at everything that I try to succeed in.
Single, in debt, unemployed and unemployable,
Given all of this I’m surprised it’s been possible,
For me to survive this long.

Working for something, but living for nothing.
And this thing will get the better of me.
And I’ll keep trying but
Heads down, heads down, heads down,
Working for something, but living for NOTHING.
And I drink to numb this heartache,
And this heartache breaks my bank,
And my bank balance leads me to drink,
Is there no other way?
A vicious cycle,
A carousel of misery.
Track Name: Developing Detachment
It’s 30 degrees in here,
And my window won’t open,
I try to plan my escape,
But my spirit has been broken,
By my day to day routine,
I’m a cog in the machine,
I need to get away,
At the latest by today, because

Party in the city when the heat is on,
All night, all day, don’t get me wrong,
It’s a lovely lifestyle, but all the while,
I need some adventure,
So I pack up my little blue suitcase,
Put it in the van and drive to anyplace,
That’ll take my mind off this,
That’ll take my mind off this!

I’ll run away, WE’LL RUN AWAY
Never outstay, NEVER OUTSTAY
Our welcome leave without warning,
Become castaways,
I’ll run away, WE’LL RUN AWAY
Live for the day, AND DISOBEY
The rules put into place to try and stop this disarray.

I wanna be on a train speeding in the wrong direction,
I wanna test out natural selection,
I wanna wake up in an office with no shoes on my feet.
I wanna be wandering round a town I’ve never been before,
With nothing more,
Than a toothbrush in my pocket,
Searching for the...

The rules put into place to try and keep me in one space,
But you can’t stop my escape!
Track Name: K's for X's
I started noticing the other day,
While watching a band,
I was surprised the room was empty,
As before it had been rammed,
And I thought “this sound is just like the one before”,
But your obsession with credentials had you running for the door.
Now this ain’t a scene – IT’S A GOD DAMN PISS TAKE,
the way you’re judging people has got nowt to do with music,
But now I think I can see where you get your kicks,
It’s not about the tunes, but backwards politics.

When the purpose of your group is to divide the crowd,
Let me ask you – who gave the right to choose who is and isn’t welcome,
With your phoney criteria of what should be allowed,
Can’t you see the forecast is the death of a genre?

I fail to see the difference between YOU AND I,
And I still think that we should stand SIDE BY SIDE,
It’s segregation based on things that don’t exist in the real world,
It’s all in your head!

So follow me down to a place in my head,
Where people think differently,
Often instead
of judging people by their class or their outfit,
We all get together for our mutual benefit,
The twist in the tale, and I bet you’ll fail,
To cite your upbringing without turning pale,
‘Cause there’s very little difference ‘tween you and me,
I think I smell hypocrisy

You are not who you claim to be (oh-woah-oh)
You say I’m wrong but I disagree (oh-woah-oh)
With this division within the ‘scene’
It’s all become a fashion show
Track Name: A Farce of Faith
Tell me how having faith is something to be proud of?
You live your life based on something that you cannot prove.
I’m not saying don’t believe in anything,
But these choices are from a book and not from you.

Would you trust 2000 year old medical advice?
Then open up your mind,
And live the way you’d like.

You still believe what they say,
You trust it word for word,
You still believe what they say,
But what they preach is absurd,
Life your life the way you want,
This isn’t a trial run.

You divide and persecute solely based on these stories written down,
And it seems your miracles all happened when there was no one else around,
Why don’t you just admit that these rules came from men?
No divine intervention, nothing holy about them.
You’re being play for a fool by power-hungry leaders,
Twisting tales of goodwill, and indoctrinating followers.
Track Name: Doublethink
We are watched every day of our scrutinised lives,
Daily bombardment with suggestions to help us survive,
But what nanny prescribes; not always good advice,
Because now we’re a nation of
helpless, clueless, lawsuit waging babies.
Whether it’s what we eat or drink,
When we work or how we play,
If there’s interfering to be done,
Then I’m sure they’ll find a way,
To turn our country into a wasteland of mindless zombies,
Hopelessly following guidance transmitted to their tv’s.

What will we learn? What will we learn? What will we learn?
If everything thing we do is just spoon fed to us?
I think it’s time
To learn from experience,

As we..wrap the world is black and yellow tape,
To guarantee that we’ll all be safe,
From using our common sense at all. (and wait for the lawsuit)
And coat the nation in bubble wrap,
Because God forbid another attack of initiative,
Nanny says “no, no, no”.

THINK for yourself and
ACT by yourself,
you’re a man not a puppet you see,
We are so afraid of danger,
Viewing life as a stranger,
On a CCTV screen

Don’t drive while tired,
Start chip pan fires,
Don’t drink, don’t smoke, no sex,
Have 5-a-day,
Watch tooth decay,
and right prescription specs,
Don’t go outside without sun cream,
fall for scams on the net,
and make sure that you note the floor is slippery when wet.
And I can’t believe my eyes when I see the expression that’s planted on your face,
Waking up each and every day as if you’ve never seen this place,
Content with the fact that your brains are just empty databases,
Has the whole world gone nuts?
Or does it just contain traces?
Track Name: Count for Something
When I think about exactly where I want to be,
Then I look at where I am, there seems to be,
A great divide, a valley of panic,
One hundred voices screaming how important it is, that you
Live up to expectations,
Set your sights to the sky,
Don’t let yourself down,
And remember to apply,
Your skills to the challenge that we all call ‘LIFE’,
You have to progress if you want to make it right to the top

It’s the loneliest place we know,
And we’ll never work out why we go,
To such lengths to make us miserable.

Not saying we all should save the world,
But just be happy to accept,
We live our lives to the full and without regret,
And every little thing we do matters to someone,
It counts for something.

We set parameters to hamper our enjoyment,
Working targets, life goals, and full-time employment,
If we savoured every moment then we might feel something,
than just a dull sense of dread when the telephone rings.
“I’m off my track!” pipe down my boy,
Pursuing a career that you don’t enjoy,
and you’ll never understand that your employ-
Meant nothing to the friendships that you’ve destroyed.

It’s the loneliest place we know,
And we’ll never work out why we go,
To these lengths to make us miserable
Your ends don’t justify the means,
Another miserable face in the magazines
Of people feeling short changed.

We’ve got our youth, we’ve got our health,
And that’s the only kind of wealth we need right at this moment.
As for our future, we’ve got time to work it out,
But that’s not for now
Track Name: Outtakes and Takeaways
Load up the trailer and plug in the sat nav,
Our batteries are dead, but our spirits run high,
Everyone in and then drive to wherever,
And never look back, no matter how hard we try.
What’s the post code?
Traffic jam, road works,
What was the promoter called?
Let me find the email,
Where’s the nearest..
Supermarket? We’ve got 13 hungry stomachs to fill.

We do it ‘cause we love it,
There’s no other reason,
Why we’d put ourselves through this

People and places change,
But we’re still the same,
Still facing the same direction,
We’ve always been,
Always will be
And with the outtakes and take-aways,
The reason we’ve always stayed this strong is,
So strong
This is it.

I’ve eaten nothing but pasta for 7 days now,
Sat in a dark room, all try’na figure out,
How to make this song better,
How to perform it harder,
How to capture all the passion and emotion it deserves,
Payment upfront,
Let me get the cash tin
Double track, overdub,
Just let me catch my breath,
Let me try it one more time,
Until I get it right,
If it takes me all night.
Track Name: Broadcast Delay
Watching TV is like a full time career for me,
I know my soaps, and my dramas, and enjoy a little comedy,
But when I think a subject is handled offensively,
I shout and scream and complain until they listen to me.
I have impeccable taste when it comes to broadcasting,
And you’re wrong if I find our views are contrasting,
I wanna clean up TV,
Get this muck off our screens,
Your forcing me to watch things that are clearly obscene!

It’s very well that you don’t agree with it,
BUT YOU, you refuse to look away,
OUTSIDE is a world of diversity,
That’s NOT IN 2D
I’m not afraid, to walk outside.

Not in Two D
Put that time into doing something positive
Then maybe we could see a real change

I pay my licence every year, doubles
and I wanna take this time to make it clear,
that I won’t rest until this F I L T H will disappear.
An embarrassment to society,
Culture judged by what we see,
I want all creative arts censored democratically,
Why don’t you spend your time doing something better,
than campaigning about something that you could just switch off,
put that time and effort into doing something positive,
then maybe we can see a real change.

Track Name: Past Mortem
It’s Saturday night,
I got home about an hour ago and I,
I think I might,
Hit up the town centre see a couple of friends, but
IT SEEMS, I have walked into a time machine,
Where every face looks familiar,
I THINK, will these people ever leave the place where you and I grew up?

My Jaw drops, Amazement.
Time has stood still for the past 5 years,
I’m sat out, on the pavement,
And I cannot help but overhear,
YOU ARE still having the same conversation,
That you started last time I was here,
AND YOU have far too much potential for a town like this my dear,

Were we supposed to stay,
Should we leave this place?
This all feels wrong,
Or is this where we all truly belong?
Yeah, Because
I don’t seem to fit,
Twisted puzzle piece,
We all need release,
But this aint my hit,
Not when it means that

Every single weekend is just like a school reunion, -
Drinking in a place that we know that we know everyone,
Why have we been so scared to leave this place (we know)
Every single weekend is just like a school reunion,
Our hearts, our hands, our mouths you know that they all move in unison,
Why have we been so scared to go?

Is everybody happy here?
Is there something major that I’m missing?
‘Cos I can still feel it in the air,
The sour taste of going nowhere,
I FEEL suffocated by your presence,
I need to move on and get away from this ghost town,
YOU CAN come or you can stay right here, it makes no difference, to me.