by Stand Out Riot



Three way split-EP with AWarAgainstSound (RIP) and Sense Of Urgency (RIP)


released December 6, 2009

Ben Streets: Drums
Hannah Hunt: Alto Sax/Vocals
Tessa Hunt: Violin/Vocals
Charlotte Corry: Alto Sax
Ste Anthony: Guitar/Vocals
Will Garland: Bass/Vocals/Keys
Francis Hunt: Vocals/Trombone/Tenor Sax

Recorded and produced by TimG @ BigTone Studios



all rights reserved


Stand Out Riot Manchester, UK

Ska. Punk. Gypsy. Metal.

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Track Name: This is not a Movement
As we boldly click our mouse where no one has scrolled before,
We stop plight, famine and misery without walking out the door
Which we protect with an update to our friends,
If we could just get 2000 more.... to sign up.

After spending half the night, campaigning furiously,
It’s time to get up out your swivel chair,
And face the real world,
Where I problems can’t be solved, by the usernames involved.

Only when they’re real people.
They say they wanna make a difference to the world.
Even though you’ll never meet them.
It’s the definition of selfish selflessness.

I understand the sentiment, but this is going nowhere,
It’s doing nothing.
And I’m not trying to say that you can’t make a change,
But it’s time to get out of the cyber cafe.
Track Name: Black Widow
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
Have a seat, don’t stand
I am here to teach you, as your ideas are in reprimand.
I’ll tell you what to think, and tell you what to think about,
But first, here’s a brainwashing tune...

You see,
When you all think different things, it’s harder to control you,
So give up your religion, time to put your faith in the people who,
Feed you, clothe you, care for you with limitless patience,
And before you ask, it’s not a cult, we’re ‘streamlining nations’

We loved them, we left them, we lost them.
Like faded memories,
From a time when we could all be heroes without (compromise)
We loved them, we left them, we lost them.
Like faded memories from the days gone by.

Time to forget about local shops, as now you will shop in the places we tell you to,
Time to forget about books you’ve read, as now you will the TV like we told you to,
Time to forget your favourite foods, as we have concocted a national menu,
Time to forget who you are
Who I am?
Who you are.
Who I am?

And tonight we’ll fight it,
Even though they’re never gonna leave us be,
And tonight we’ll light a beacon saying,
“We’ll always remember, but we’ll never follow your rules”
‘Til the end of (‘til the end)
‘Til the end of it all
‘Til the end of time

We lost the battle, lost the war,
Even lost the sympathy vote.
We lost the masses and their support, but I’ve still got this sinking feeling.
We lost the battle, lost the war,
Even lost the sympathy vote.
We lost the masses and their support, but I’ve still got this sinking feeling deep down in my soul.
Track Name: Law and Hors'doeuvres
So we wait in line,
With our itchy trigger fingers.
We know with all this armour on,
There’s no way they can beat us.
But if one of them makes one remark,
Or gives me an awkward eye.
That’s when I’m gonna show ‘em how I use a baton,
Give him one in the back that he’ll never get up from.
Back to the station for a pat on the back,
“Well done officers, you stopped a terrorist attack.
Any minute then they could’ve traded their placards for rifles and grenades,
But we nipped it in the bud.
And we’d love to use non-violent techniques if we could,
But in this line of work it’s not advised that we should.
This arsenal is purely for our own protection,
But there’s nothing more fun than cracking skulls

We take the law into our own hands, we do it our way. (we protect and serve)
We’ll stop at nothing to make sure they don’t get away. (we protect and serve)
And don’t worry, it’s just another enquiry (and we say)

It’s time for vigilante justice, because the old fashioned stuff don’t get the job done
We’ve thrown the guidebook out the window, so there’s a chance... to have some fun
You’re not part of the A-team, you’re not above the law,
And as another innocent man falls before you on the floor,
Do you think to yourself,
Have I crossed the line.. of duty?

See there’s a plan and a system for a reason,
And the reason is that one man can’t make a life or death decision on his own,
It’s been shown that testosterone,
Can cloud your judgement when entering a war zone.
Suddenly your mind fills with images of movies,
The ones that you saw when you were young and naive.
You think: “I’m John McClane, I feel no pain!
Best thing to do is shoot a fella with a backpack”.
OH! Then I realise that I can see,
The difference between fiction and reality.
Catastrophe! Who’s guilty?
Because the Rep-u-tation of the badge is in jeopardy .
We’ll find ourselves a make-shift scapegoat to keep us afloat,
Blame false intelligence that was shoved down our throat.
PHEW! That’s swept under the rug,
A man is dead, and we just shrug.